Element Series

The new Element Serie by Sonorous

Sonorous TV-Furniture, TV-Racks, TV-Sideboards - Elements-Series

ELEMENTS are a new concept to display and discreetly store all your Audio / Video equipment right at the heart of your living place. Exceptional design and a modular cabinet units offer the perfect solution for the Audio / Video equipment and accessories that are a central part of your home.

Special attention has been given to offer discrete storage solution, be practical in use for all your home entertainment, yet meet the style and the desighn statement required by the most demanding home owner.

Contemporary designs of lacquered tempered glass and wood are the core of elements.

Modular; for exceptional freedom to meet your requirements. The concept is simple and convincing. Quality withour compromise.


Modular Construction

Modular Construction offers complete freedom to arrange cabinets as you require, attached to floor and/or walls. A system of furniture combining elegance, technical performance and perfection.
Sonorous Elements Kombinationen
Sonorous Elements Klappfach

Drawer Slides & Flap Doors

High-quality flap machanism ensures soft
opening and closing.Drawers incorporate
high perfomance and luxury
"push to open" mechanisms.

Sonorous Elements Klappfach


CD & DVD Organizer
Anodized aluminium CD and DVD storage, can be integrated into drawers.


Acoustic Fabric
DVD Player, set top box, amplifier, media players, game consoles can all be placed behind flaps which are covered with aciustic fabric. Designed to ensure adequate ventilation so devices don´t overheat.

A sound bar, loudspeakers and subwoofers can be place and operated hidden form view without affecting perfomance.


IR Repater
Controll all your equipment with your remotes whilst they remain out of sight. Our Infrared Repeater system relays remote control signals to equipment that remains out of sight within the cabinet.



Sonorous Elements Kabelmanagement

Cable Management

Cables are essential part of your system,
but you don´t want to see them. Multiple and
discrete horizontal and vertical channels make
for easy access for cabling through shelves yet
keeping them hidden the cabinet.


Color Variety

Finishes to match different tastes and
needs.Four tempered glass colors and
two wood finishes, allow you to choose
and compliment your style.

Sonorous Elements Farbauswahl

Cabinet Decors

GRP: Glass - Graphite Color
OAK: Wood - Oak Decor
WHT: Glass - White Color
BLK: Glass - Black Color
AMZ: Wood - Amazonas Decor
CPN: Glass - Cappucciono Color


Structure options

A = No addition possibility
B = Addition possibility right
C = Addition possibility left
D = Addition possibility left & right


Cabinet Types

EX10: Floor cabinet, 130cm length 40cm height 50cm depth with Hole
EX11: Floor cabinet, 130cm length 40cm height 50cm depth with Hole & Bracket
EX12: Floor cabinet, 130cm length 40cm height 50cm depth without Hole
EX20: Floor cabinet, 65cm length 40cm height 50cm depth
EX32: Floor cabinet, 160cm length 40cm height 50cm depth without Hole
ED50: Wall hanging cabinet 65cm length 40cm height 36cm depth
ES90: Coffee Table 120 cm length 30cm height 60cm width

Cabinet Doors

F: Flap Down
D: Drawer (EX only)
U: Flap Up (ED only)
T: Textile (EX only)
FD: Flap / Drawer (EX only)
TF: Textile / Flap (EX only)
DD: Drawer / Drawer (EX only)




Sonorous Sockel 2 cm

Sockel Options:

2: 2cm

8: 8cm


Sonorous Sockel 8 cm





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